24 companies, including Tata & RIL, pledge to be ‘carbon neutral’

Joining hands with the government to take India towards the path of lower greehouse gas emissions, as many as 24 top private companies, including Tata, Reliance, Mahindra, ITC, ACC, Adani and Dalmia Cement, on Thursday signed a declaration on climate change by voluntarily pledging to move towards ‘carbon neutrality’.

Aligning themselves with India’s commitment under the Paris Agreement, captains of these industries, on the occasion of the India CEO Forum on climate change, briefly described how they would collectively take the country to ‘net zero emission’ goal through nine specific mitigation measures.

Though India, unlike China, European Union (EU), Japan and South Korea, has so far not committed to ‘net zero emission’ target as its national goal, these firms intend to voluntarily do so through industry-specific measures.

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