25,000 power staff monitor shutdown in Telangana

A team of 25,000 engineers and staff of the Telangana State Transco, Genco and Discoms monitored the nine-minute shutdown in the State from their positions on Sunday to maintain the demand-supply equilibrium. Chairman and Managing Director of Transco and Genco D Prabhakar Rao stayed at the Load Dispatch Centre and ensured that the shutdown had no impact on the power grid.

“Due to the shutdown, people started to stay at homes and working from homes, resulting in a spurt in demand for power. Now during the switching off of the lights, the demand came down indicating that the things will certainly become normal and we will win the war against Corona,” Prabhakar Rao said after the people turned on their lights and the equilibrium was restored.

Earlier, the CMD, who was in constant touch with the Chief Minister’s office, monitored every aspect of the power grid scenario right from Thermal and Hydel power generating units to the Transmission lines and the Distribution companies, so that the ideal 49.5 Hz to 50.2 Hz band frequency is maintained. The frequency was around 49.72 Hz, seconds before the people shut the lights, and the engineers succeeded in maintaining the frequency. Similarly the demand was around 7449 MW before the lights were turned off.

“As a precaution, we turned on three reversible pumps at Nagarjuna Sagar so that the load is maintained while the lights are turned off. We anticipated a 300 MW decrease when the lights are turned off and the pumps were turned on to compensate the drop,” Prabahakar Rao said.

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