A Sovereign Iraq Is Key to Securing India’s Energy Industry

For years, the main driver behind the chaos that permeates Iraqi society has been Iran’s long-time strategy of wresting control of the Iraqi state.

What began as an effort to support and train Shiite militias in the country quickly evolved into a much broader policy of obtaining influence over Iraq’s economic, political, and even social life. In the past several years in particular, Tehran has made tremendous headway in this strategy and there is now barely an Iraqi institution in which Iranian agents do not have free reign.

The results of foreign control over Iraq have been disastrous for its citizens. But the full effects are felt way beyond Iraq’s borders. Today, the repercussions of Iraq’s dysfunction, instigated by the Ayatollahs, are being felt all over the world and affect national security.

While much of the Middle East is also exposed to Iraq’s instability, India is particularly at risk of economic backlash given its long commercial ties to Iraq.

While the relations between Iraq and India have always been friendly, trade between the two nations saw a strong uptick in the years immediately following the U.S.-led toppling of Saddam Hussein 2003.

This relationship has become increasingly valuable to India and diplomats from New Delhi have made persistent efforts to keep those connections strong over the years.

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