Air pollution in Delhi-NCR: Did CAQM directive help any better?

Two days after the emergency measures kicked in as per the CAQM directives to check air pollution in Delhi and NCR, an expert associated with analysing air pollution data has said that the air quality in Delhi has improved by about 18-22 per cent.

The Commission for Air Quality Management for Delhi and Surrounding Areas (CAQM), prompted by the Supreme Court, had directed multiple steps to be taken by the Centre and the state governments after almost the whole last week and the weekend had ‘severe’ and ‘very poor’ air quality index. The Air Quality Index was well past 400 at scores of places and touching 500 plus in some of them in the NCR region.

The decision was made on late Tuesday night and the directives were applicable since Wednesday morning.

The emergency measures had included several actions such as 50 per cent work from home, ban on trucks into Delhi, ban on construction and demolition activity with some exemptions and shutting down six thermal plants within the radius of 300 kms among the steps that were taken with immediate effect.

“The Commission for Air Quality Management in Delhi and Adjoining Areas successfully managed to restrict air quality in Delhi below the upper end of ‘Vey Poor’ category with slew of measures imposed on Tuesday,” said Sachin Ghude from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) in Pune.

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