Anand Mahindra impressed by Piyush Goyal’s post on elephants crossing tracks. Viral, obviously

The startling video, shared by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, showed three elephants, including a calf, escaped being hit by a train, as they cross the rail tracks perilously close to an oncoming train.

Piyush Goyal applauded the loco pilot for his prompt response after he stopped the train to save the life of three elephants in West Bengal’s Sivok-Gulma section.

On Twitter, Piyush Goyal shared the clip saying, “The alertness & prompt action of loco pilot & crew helped to save lives of three elephants Elephant including one baby elephant crossing rail tracks on Sivok-Gulma section in West Bengal.”

“The train stopped immediately, waiting for the elephants to safely cross over to the other side,” Goyal added.

‘This has impressed me the most’

Meanwhile, Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra has retweeted Piyush Goyal’s post on Twitter with the caption: “Of all the stories you have shared in your tweets about the progress & achievements of the Railways, this has impressed me the most.”

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