Andhra Pradesh: CPDCL warns of strict action against those stealing power

The Central Power Distribution Company Limited (CPDCL) has warned that criminal cases will be booked against those resorting to power theft and unauthorised consumption under new rules of the Electricity Act, 2003. The firm said that consumers should alert field officials about damages to meters as they could be held responsible if meters were not found in proper shape during inspection.

In a statement issued Sunday, CPDCL vigilance executive engineer Buddhiraju Vijayakrishna said they have imposed Rs 2.27 crore as penalties against 613 consumers in February alone. “We have inspected 3,000 metres across the district in February and slapped penalties against 613 consumers who were found violating the rules,” he said.

The CPDCL official explained that the chance of electricity meters getting rusted, resulting in damage to the seal would be high in coastal areas due to the high humidity. He appealed to consumers to keep a watch on their meters and alert field officials in case of damages to avoid penalties and cases. He said they had detected 79 persons resorting to direct power theft with fines of over Rs 5 lakh imposed on them.

“Similarly, 53 persons were found resorting to theft despite having a meter and prompting them (officials) to impose a penalty of Rs 20.7 lakh,” Vijayakrishna said and added that 41 consumers were found tapping power in other categories while 371 people were detected using more power than the allowed load category.

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