Ashok Gehlot’s Rajasthan tops in fuel prices rate in north India but CM refuses to reduce VAT

Paying through their noses” the adage has come true not only for the common man consuming fuel in Rajasthan. To escape the wrath of value-added tax on fuel prices by Ashok Gehlot led congress government, consumers in at least seventeen out of 33 districts in Rajasthan has been driving down to nearby states to get their tanks full.

The price difference in diesel prices in Rajasthan in comparison with neighbouring states ranges from Rs 10.51 per litre in Sriganganagar on Punjab border to Rs 1.95 per litre at Madhya Pradesh border in Dholpur district. Similarly, petrol price difference ranges from Rs 9.33 per litre at Punjab border to 15 paise at Madhya Pradesh border.

“Why I would purchase diesel in Rajasthan when I can get it much cheaper rates in Punjab. The difference of Rs 10 is too much for any transporter let alone a poor driver like me,” Sardar Singh, a truck driver in Sriganganagar, said.

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