At 13,040 MW, power demand in Telangana soars to new record in five years

Telangana set a new record in the last five years in power consumption with the demand soaring to 13,040 megawatt on Tuesday. Senior officials attribute the rise in power demand to rising temperatures across the state in the last few days and farm power requirement going up.

TSTransco officials said thanks to the free 24×7 power supply to the agriculture sector, which began two years ago, the demand had been seeing an upward trend. In Greater Hyderabad, the demand soared to 2,537 MW, which was 200 MW more than the power consumed on the same day last year.

“Of the total power demand, 1,200 MW to 1,300 MW goes into running lift irrigation projects like Kaleshwaram and Kalwakurthy. Also, there are nearly 25 lakh agriculture pumpsets in Telangana,” a senior Transco official said.

Power demand in February is around 9,500 MW. It increases slowly in March with temperatures rising and touches peak demand in mid-summer with usage of air-conditioners going up. Thanks to mercury touching 34-37 degree Celsius in the third week of February this year, the power demand touched the highest 12,780 MW recently.

While power consumption in 2017 summer was between 6,700 MW and 7,000 MW, it hit a high of 8,500 MW in March during peak agriculture season. The demand touched 10,284 MW in March 2018 with the government providing free power to farmers.

In August 2019, the power demand soared to 11,703 MW. Six months later, in January 2020, it touched 11,359 MW. Officials explained that demand for power kept rising since August last year. It may be recalled the mega Kaleshwaram project was inaugurated during this time with about 20 lifts operating.

Though the government is going all out to increase power generation by adding new thermal stations and solar power units, the consumption is equally going up.

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