Attempt to plug blow out of Assam gas well fails as wagon falls over

The final attempt to plug the blowout at an Oil India Limited’s (OIL) natural gas well at Baghjan in Upper Assam’s Tinsukia district, which has been on fire since June 9, suffered a setback on Friday, when a wagon used in the process “toppled over”.

Foreign experts and their Indian counterparts were attempting to place the blowout preventer (BOP) stack, weighing nearly 3 tonnes, on the wellhead, when the Athey Wagon, a type of hydraulic lift used to fight oil-field fires consisting of a track-mounted boom with a hook in one end, fell down.

“BOP stack was hooked up with the Athey Wagon for placing on the wellhead. While the final capping operation was being attempted, the Athey Wagon toppled over at the last moment and the attempt did not succeed,” said a statement issued by OIL.

It added that the reasons for the incident are being ascertained in a bid to undertake the next course of action.

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