Big HELP by Indian Railways! This man paid Rs 6011 instead of Rs 60 to a vendor! Check how RPF helped him get his money back

Indian Railways: To ensure social distancing in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, Indian Railways passengers have been found using online payment options instead of cash payment. In fact, they are finding it a more convenient way of payment as it doesn’t create the lack of change issues that often arise during a cash transaction.

However, during online payments, one needs to remain cautious as a single mistake may lead to loss of money also. But, for those who commit such mistakes while paying a train vendor, there is a piece of good news. If you commit any such mistake where you pay more by mistake, then after informing the railways authorities like Railway Protection Force (RPF), you can get your money back.

Recently, a man Vishal Jalagi (@vishaljalagi twitter handle) shared his good experience with the Indian Railways’ RPF official who helped him get his money back to him. Jalagi shared his experience on his Twitter handle and said that while traveling from Pune to Tirupati, he bought a bottle of water and cold drink (at Kadapa railway station) for which he was supposed to pay Rs 60.

But, by mistake he paid Rs 6011. Jalagi came to know about his mistake the next day when he was far away from Kadapa.

After noticing about the wrong payment, Jalagi called on the Indian Railways customer care number 182 where RPF officer Yusuf attended his call. The RPF officer assured Vishal Jalagi that he will check about the incident.

After calling on the Indian Railways customer care number, Jalagi got a call from someone called Gupta who told that Jalagi will get his money back soon.

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