Bundle gas-based power with thermal in round-the-clock scheme, industry body tells PMO

The Association of Power Producers (APP) has written to the PMO seeking bundling of gas-based power along with thermal, for supply of round-the-clock (RTC) power.

Currently, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy does not consider energy from gas for its RTC power scheme. In the letter, the APP has reasoned that gas-based power is a superior choice as balancing power. “Technically, gas has many advantages when compared with coal, when used for balancing RE power. This is due to faster ramping rates, low technical minimum level of operation and high part load efficiencies,” said APP.

In a scenario with high RE mix, gas-based power will be strongly suited to provide the required RE balancing needs due to these advantages, it added.

Currently, renewable energy has intermittency issues and hence, to meet large-scale power requirements, the government has sought to blend renewables with thermal power.

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