Can Repowering Deliver 10 GW of Wind Energy for India?

A wind energy deal late last week has provided food for thought to policy makers in India too.

A collective, or cooperative of close to 200 farmers in the Netherlands have managed to get funding to build one of the largest onshore wind farms in the country. the money will be used to replace over 200 wind mills, with new, state of the art wind turbines. The rated output from the new turbines is close to 322 MW

The farmers had set up a firm, Windpark Zeewolde BV that got the 500 million euro loan from Rabobank .

Vestas Wind Systems has been selected to execute the project, by the end of 2022.

Europe, which has lately been in the news mostly for its offshore wind energy targets and successes, the Netherlands example provides one clear way to win over local support and push for a broader repowering of its onshore wind energy network. Experts predict an output increase of 250 to 500 percent from such a move, when done on pre-2000 wind energy installations. Many of which coincidentally, have come to the close of their planned life cycle initially.

In India, ‘repowering’ has barely scratched the surface, although the potential is huge.A study commissioned in 2018 by the Indo German Energy Forum Support Office, conducted by Mumbai-based IDAM Infrastructure advisory, has some more interesting facts. Over 10 GW of installed capacity of wind Turbines with less than 1 MW capacity are installed in high quality class 1 sites . Another 2.5 GW has less than 500 KW turbine capacity.

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