Capital recharge: Electric cars popular in capital

While Tesla may still be some time away from its India debut, other carmakers are zooming ahead with their plans to promote electronic vehicles in the country. And it’s not a moment too soon. The market for electric cars is growing rapidly, with them being increasingly used for holiday and business trips.

With the effects of climate change getting ever more severe, people are becoming increasingly hip to what’s happening and are aware of the need to embrace renewable energy.

Individuals and organisations are looking for alternatives for everything in their day to day lives to become more environmentally conscious. And among those looking ahead is the Hyatt Regency in Delhi.

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To provide a solution to the growing need of car charging points for electric cars and to propagate and encourage a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for their guests, the Hyatt has become one of the few hotels in the Capital, if not the country, to introduce e-charging stations for electric cars.

With an aim to reduce their carbon footprint and enable Electric vehicle owners to use their electric cars, the hotel has adopted this green transport technology measure as a part of their sustainability initiative. 10 e-charging stations are currently available at the hotel and each one of them takes about 8-10 hours to fully charge any car.

The availability of a place to charge a car is the deciding factor for an electric car driver’s choice of hotel or restaurant. With their e-charging stations, Hyatt Regency Delhi hopes to motivate people to use electrical vehicles and embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle. o motivate people to use electrical vehicles and embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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