Centre’s nod must for Pakistan firms to participate in coal auctions

Residents and companies based out of Pakistan can participate in the commercial coal mining auctions only after approvals from the government.

“A citizen of Pakistan or an entity incorporated in Pakistan can invest, only under the Government route, in sectors/activities other than defence, space, atomic energy and sectors/activities prohibited for foreign investment,” a statement issued by the Coal Ministry on Monday said.

The Ministry said even though 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment is permitted under the automatic route in coal mining and processing activities, it will still be subject to applicable laws.

A clarification to this effect was issued after the government decided to restrict investments from entities registered in countries which share a land border with India. This move follows the recent border dispute with China.

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  1. There is ONLY 1 SOLUTION AND 1 OPPORTUNITY,for Pakistan in this Power and Energy Crisis in COVID TIMES !

    Which is the power source,which has NIL SUPPLY CHAIN RISK AND LOGISTICS RISK ?


    Which is the power source,which can be run at 100% or more capacity – and where THERE CAN BE NO FUEL SHORTAGE ?

    What has been the experience of RE,in Texas,last year ?

    There is ONLY 1 SOURCE for Pakistan.Even if Thar Coal is beneficiated,there can be a logistics problem,on occasions – if by rakes,and if trucks – then there is a risk of pollution – and there are fuel (diesel) prices and fuel shortages.

    There is ONLY 1 FUEL with no Raw Material Supply risk,No diesel price risk (for logistics) and no logistics risk and no need for spinning or reactive power,and which is base load and peak load power.


    Import Chinese reactors on 40 year loans, with decommissioning contracts
    Make the Chinese take back the DU
    Import the Fuel Rods,from PRC
    Some Fuel Rods – can be made in Pakistan – after importing Yellow Cake,or UF6 or LEU from PRC (so that some fuel diversion is possible)
    Use COVID,as the Force Majeure event
    Place order for Nuke Subs,with PLN or France (after Aussie fiasco) – and divert the HEU,for sub fuel
    Place the Commercial Power reactor, in as much safeguard,as the Indians do,

    And then use the Nukes on India ! dindooohindoo

    It is a clear message from providence !

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