Clean energy: Government seeks helping hand from French agency

The Energy department has sought financial and technological support from the French government agency AFD (Agence Française de Développement) as part of an endeavour to achieve reliable and low-cost electricity generation and supply, which is essential for economic activity and attracting productive investment to the State.

A high-level delegation led by AFD Country Director Bruno Bosle met senior officials of the energy department and held discussions on possibilities of investing in the power sector. Officials said producing low-cost power was the highest priority for the government and that it invites every initiative that encourages cost-effective power production.

The officials sought the role of AFD in providing technical assistance to scale up operations of the current research and training institute for power systems, where electrical engineers and officials will be training in the latest technologies and capacity building. They also discussed with the AFD on funding to energy efficiency projects in upcoming industrial townships across the State. The government plans to develop 10 such industrial townships and an energy-efficient power system in Visakhapatnam industrial park.

However, the AFD delegates indicated that they would give more priority for projects that contributes to mitigate climate change and have the potential to generate long term positive impact on the quality of life and environment.

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