Clean push: Why compressed biogas has an edge over CNG

By Down to earth

How about filling up your vehicle with straw and running it for a full year? If this sounds bizarre, then here’s more. Verbio AG, a German company, claims that you can actually do it with just two tonnes of straw.

The company is now busy setting up a plant in the middle of lush paddy fields at Bhutal Kalan village in Punjab’s Sangrur district. “Our plant will procure paddy stubble from within 15 km radius of the plant and use it as raw material,” said Yuvraj Verma, a project manager.

The plant should start producing compressed biogas (CBG) in June or July. CBG holds a win-win solution to the country’s air pollution problems.

The plant will use paddy stubble — the burning of which increases air pollution in north India during winters. On the other hand, CBG can be used to replace compressed natural gas (CNG). India mostly imports a clean fossil fuel.

If all goes well, the country will have 5,000 such plants by 2023. Going by the policy initiative Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT), introduced in October 2018 to promote CBG

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