CleanMax Solar ventures into wind-solar hybrid space

CleanMax Solar, one of the largest distributed solar power producers in India, has forayed into building wind-solar hybrid power plants, allowing its commercial customers to shift a larger portion of their energy usage away from fossil fuels and into clean energy.

A senior executive at Cleanmax Solar said the company plans to build about 300 megawatts (MW) of hybrid capacity over the next three years, encouraged by demand from customers and enabling policies from the Centre and some states.

Solar and wind power generation reach peak levels at different hours of a day and at different seasons—solar during the day and in summers, while wind at night and through the monsoons. The resulting intermittencies in supply impact grid resilience, which has made power utilities and commercial customers reluctant to rely entirely on clean energy sources. A wind-solar hybrid builds both generation capacities at the same location, optimizing use of transmission and evacuation infrastructure and land resources.

“We’re pioneering wind-solar hybrid because with the same megawatt of capacity, customers get a higher power output; we are available to give a balance between months of the year and time of day,” Kuldeep Jain, managing director, CleanMax Solar, said in an interview.

“This way, consumers are able to shift 90% of their consumption to wind-solar hybrid as compared to 60% of their consumption on solar now. This helps them in reducing both carbon emissions and increases their cost savings.”

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