Climate action 2021: Carbon pledges, green energy, more funds—but will it be enough?

Melting glaciers, deadly floods, record high temperatures, devastating wildfires and desperate pleas for help—climate change and the destruction it brings was for all to see in 2021.

Yet it was not all gloom and doom. Countries stepped up efforts to fund environmental initiatives and India made one of the most awaited announcements of achieving the target of net-zero emissions by 2070.

After protracted negotiations, 2021 also saw around 200 countries sign a deal to try and slow down runaway global warming. While the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, or COP26, did not live up to everyone’s expectations, it still made some progress.

The UN climate conference marked the transition from defining the rules for the 2015 Paris treaty to implementing its provisions. The climate conference, held from October 31 to November 12, saw 196 countries agreeing to draw down coal-fired power and a promise to double financial aid each year—to roughly $40 billion— to help poor nations brace for climate impacts.

Countries also agreed to consider more ambitious targets for reducing carbon pollution every year instead of once every five years.

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