Climate experts support India’s stand on ‘phase down’ of coal at COP26

Climate experts on Sunday came in full support of India, after it was criticised by several nations for using the term “phase down” instead of “phase out” of coal at COP26 in Glasgow, saying it should not be seen as a diversion from its commitment towards this global climate crisis.

Almost 200 nations at the UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow accepted a compromise deal on Saturday, aimed at keeping the key global warming target alive, but it contained a last-minute change that watered down crucial language about coal.

Several countries, including small island states, said they were deeply disappointed by the change promoted by India to phase down, rather than phase out coal power, the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

While the world expressed disappointment, climate experts in India felt that the first-ever mention of phase down of coal by the country in an international climate agreement is an important indication of the energy transformation underway, and criticised the developed nations for once again failing to deliver the promised climate finance.

“The COP26 has definitely narrowed the gap for limiting global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius and the processes which can be taken for future action.

The Hindu
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