Code of standards need of the hour to develop hydrogen economy in India

To facilitate the development of “green” hydrogen or the production of the gas without the use of fossil fuel to help power vehicles or a clean fuel economy, India needs to develop a consistent code of standards, says a report commissioned by the Department of Science and Technology to investigate the current state of “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” in India.

“The biggest challenge to the commercialisation of hydrogen based technologies is the requirement of code and standards to get a sort of consistency and encourage deployment. With such standards in place, the process of deployment will drastically increase and technologies which are at laboratory demonstration level could come to marketplace faster,” says the report made public on Wednesday.

The use of hydrogen as a fuel to power vehicles has been a long standing global mission. Hydrogen, or H2 fuel cells leave only water vapour and heat as emissions, and provide as much combustive energy as fossil fuels. However, a key challenge has been portability and transporting the gas.

Several of the Indian Institutes of Technology and laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research are involved in hydrogen fuel cell research. “It has increased from 10 institutions in the early 1990s to more than 100 today,” the report notes.

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