Combining infrastructure with Technology for a safe and pleasant experience!

The year 2020 brought in a lot of surprises that nobody had imagined. After being stuck in the house for almost a year, people are finally beginning to travel again to rejuvenate and refresh them.

Unarguably, COVID-19 is not over yet and all the safety measures must be taken to contain the spread of the deadly virus but it is not something that is stopping travelers anymore. Keeping personal safety aside, tourism infrastructure developers also need to ensure the complete safety of the visitors and passengers at these sites. Infrastructural safety is an amalgamation of the right technique with the right technology.

The pace with which technology is advancing, it is inexorable to restrict it from converging into various sectors. Technology has made its way in almost all sectors. From education to real estate, from smartphones to smartwatches, smart appliances, and smart homes, the possibilities are endless! Similarly, it is equally important to have a technologically safe and sound infrastructure in place.

Aerial Ropeways provide for most accessible and comfortable modes of transport to reach the most inaccessible tourist destinations while giving a one of its kind experience. To make this experience safer and even more pleasant, it is crucial to adopt the best possible technology option available. Out of many available options, choosing and adopting a particular technology is dependent on the location of the aerial ropeway and topography of the place.

It takes many years of research and development to create a product that meets all the criteria and is technologically advanced, economically feasible, and environmentally friendly.

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