COP26 President Claire Perry O’Neill kicks off her climate mission from India

The chair of the 2020 UN climate talks Claire Perry O’Neill began her major international efforts to rally governments to stepping up actions to tackle climate change, slowdown temperature increase by significantly reducing the amount of carbon pollution in India.

O’Neill, who earlier served as energy minister and was instrumental in the passage of the net zero legislation in the UK, will chair the 26th round of the climate talks under the aegis of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to be held in Glasgow in November.

The UK takes over the stewardship of the global effort to tackle climate change after a less than stellar outcome in Madrid chaired by Chile. The 25th round of the UN climate talks have been dubbed as a failure. Key issues such as carbon markets, financing needs to address loss and damage, and the inability to get bigger emitters to commit to a more ambitious programme of climate action marked the last round of talks.

Additionally, the erosion of co-operative spirit forged in Paris in 2015 resulted in loss of trust among the countries and the seeming inability of the negotiations to take on board the rising public demands for decisive and ambitious climate action from governments

Acknowledging the “very negative atmosphere” that marked the December UN climate meet in Madrid, O’Neill advocates for greater transparency to turn the tide, to bridge gap between countries and between the negotiations and the public across the world.

The Economic Times
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