Coronavirus lockdown: Here’s how to book LPG cylinder refill

India has entered into the second phase of lockdown to contain the coronavirus spread and as a result people are supposed to stay at home. All the services except essentials ones are supposed to remain suspended. Government has also ensured that all the necessary items such as groceries, food items, and other essential items, including LPG gas cylinders, are made available during this period.

The government of India launched the Umang app, a sort of all-in-one app for all the government-related services. It offers around 162 government services such as EPFO, Cybercrime, PAN, passport, etc. The app also allows users to order an LPG cylinder refill using the app. This will enable users to directly place a refill order and make the payment online without any hassle of calling the gas agency or personally heading to the store to book a refill.

Wondering how to place LPG cylinder refill order using Umang app, follow our step-by-step guide:

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