Coronavirus update: Indian Railways to use special dryers to clean used linens

Indian Railways’ Central Railway zone has decided to step up its efforts in cleaning the blankets and others linens that are being provided by the railways in the AC coaches.

Many railway zones like Southern Railway, Western Railway and Northern Railway, NF Railway have already decided to withdraw the facility of blankets provided to the passengers in the AC coaches.

In order to communicate the passengers about COVID-19, railways will also put a notice/ sticker stating “In order to ensure personal safety & hygiene, blankets are ordinarily not being distributed with bedroll. Customers, who still need the blanket, may please approach the Attendant” will be displayed in AC coaches, Central Railway said in a statement.

The Central Railway zone has taken a slew of initiatives in cleaning the blankets and other linen used by the passengers during the journey.

All blankets will be put through a high temperature soak in the tumble dryers of the laundries.

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