COVID-19 Pandemic: An Opportunity To Clean & Green India

Now that the manufacture of all types of motored vehicles have come to a standstill……if Maruti Suzuki is manufacturing ventilators to assist the GOI in its taming the COVID-19 virus, I am sure if given the right conditions & resources, SUZUKI could also manufacture emission equipment kits which would make all vehicles made & sold in India USA’s EPA emissions standards compliant.

Maruti Suzuki has almost 55% share of these automobiles in the Indian market. These kits would be fitted on vehicles currently being driven on the Indian roads and thereafter they could re engineer the equipment as per The California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards where the entire vehicle’s equipment is compliant without any intermediary kits required in between.

CARB is the standard that rules all vehicular activity and is the engineered automobile offering made to the USA automobiles market. So all vehicular engineering capacities in India can be upgraded & re tooled to CARB standards while production & demand wait for COVID-19 to let the manufacturers to restart production. This can also be applied to the two & three wheeler vehicles along with the mid to heavy duty vehicles.

At the same time, electric & hybrid vehicles should be given impetus and encouragement along with building the energy infrastructure that is required by these types of vehicles.

The crude petroleum refineries which are running at very low capacities should also be re calibrated to produce the required quality levels of diesel, petrol & kerosene fuels to run these up to date CARB standards vehicles. This raising the bar would create some employment in the now god forsaken petroleum industry.

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