COVID-19 – The road ahead for India’s solar power sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and has impacted our lives deeply. All sectors have been hit by the challenges caused by the outbreak of the virus strongly and the world’s transition to clean energy has been highly affected in these unprecedented times. There is a lot of uncertainty in the industry currently and it is how we react after this crisis ends, that will decide how quickly we meet our renewable energy target of 100 GW by 2022.

Challenges posed by COVID for the solar industry

Ongoing Solar projects in the country have been halted and developers are concerned about the delays their projects are facing because of the production slowdown in China and the lockdown orders in India. With the solar industry relying on China for around 80% of its requirement of solar supply, power companies were facing disruption even before the Prime Minister announced a nation-wide lockdown in the country. Imports of solar power equipment in January 2020 had declined by about 70% as compared to January 2019. Industry players have been facing delays in procurement of modules, solar cells, and other components. Also, about 85% of the labour in solar parks are migrants, many of which have returned to their villages and are likely to be away for some time even after the government’s order of classifying renewable energy production as an essential service.

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