CPDCL gets 23.34% share in power purchases by State

The State government has allocated 40.44%, 36.22% and 23.34% of the total power being purchased by the State to the SPDCL, the EPDCL and the CPDCL respectively following the recent formation of the central Discom.

The ratio, according to G.O. MS No.13 issued by Secretary (Energy) N. Srikant on Monday, is applicable to PPAs of all going and under-construction generating stations except for the projects allocated on the basis of geographical location by the State government and PPAs entered by individual Discoms.

It was stated that the power purchase allocation ratio between EPDCL and SPDCL was 34.27% and 65.73% after the State bifurcation.

After the CPDCL (which covers Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam districts) was established, the AP-Transco requested the government to specify revised ratios of the shares of the Discoms applicable from April 1, 2020 and submitted that the actual power consumption of the three Discoms had been worked out.

Accordingly, the government issued the notification for the revised allocation.

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