Danapur-Bhagalupr Intercity Express looted, several injured

Valuables worth ₹5 lakh were robbed from D6 and D8 coaches of Danapur-Bhagalpur bound Intercity Express (03402) on Tuesday night in Bihar’s Munger district between the Jamalpur–Sultanganj section of the Indian Railways. The dacoits, said to be more than 15 in number, also broke the windows of the train’s air conditioned compartments, injuring at least six passengers before escaping to the nearby forests in the dark, said railway officials.

More than 15 robbers entered the D6 and D8 compartments after the train was stopped by pulling the chain near Rishikund Halt, 15 kilometres from Jamalpur Junction at 10.15pm. Cell phones, cash and ornaments worth ₹5 lakh were looted in about 20 minutes, during which the dacoits also tried unsuccessfully to enter the A/C compartments. In frustration, they pelted stones and broke a few windows, injuring some passengers. Two police personnel were also injured, officials added.

“The train stopped in a dense forest. Within minutes, I felt my chain [was] being pulled by someone,” said a passenger Ritesh Raj. When he raised an alarm, he was beaten up by the gang, he said.

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