DBT in electricity supply: Consumer not to face disconnection even if state govt delays subsidy

Under the mechanism for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in electricity supply, consumers will not face disconnection even if the state government does not credit subsidy on time in their account, power minister R K Singh said today in a media interaction here.

“What we have provided for is that subsidy will be given directly into the account of the customer through direct benefit transfer (DBT) by the state government every month. In case the state government delays in giving subsidy for any reason, the consumer will still not be disconnected,” Singh said.

He added that the state government has to release subsidy in advance as per section 65 of the electricity act but even if the state government does not release subsidy on time which they are supposed to do, the farmer or any consumer will not suffer.

Earlier this month, West Bengal Chief Mamata Banerjee had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposing the proposal of the electricity tariff to be determined by a government-appointed commission.

Mamata had said that this tariff determination by a central government-appointed authority will divest the state of its powers.

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