Dealers on strike, no fuel sale today

The West Bengal Petroleum Dealers’ Association struck work across Bengal has decided to stick to their plan of daylong no-purchase-no-sale at fuel stations on Tuesday. Their protest is against oil marketing companies (OMCs) not heeding to their pleas of roll-back of ethanol blended petrol (EBP) during monsoon.

Ethanol being hygroscopic attracts moisture from the humid air and rain and later settles into a separate layer. This layer of water in underground tanks and vehicle’s fuel tanks led to breakdowns the association members said.

Customers often sought compensation from dealers for damage due to ‘adulterated petrol’, said Snehasish Bhowmik, vice-president of the association. The dealers also accused OMCs of short supply of fuel to petrol pumps.

“A very large portion of our profitability goes in adjusting for the pilferage of fuel during transit which can be 1% of the amount of fuel loaded,” said Prasenjit Sen, joint secretary. The association will meet the transport minister on Tuesday.

Times Of India
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