Delhi Metro: Soon pay with your credit, debit card at automated fare collection gates

Travelling in Delhi Metro is soon going to be a more smooth ride for the passengers. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) is going to upgrade its ‘Automatic Fare Collection System(AFCS)’.

After the upgradation, passengers travelling in Delhi Metro can use their debit and credit cards to pay for the distance they have travelled.

According to a report published in Hindi national daily Hindustan, DMRC is going to start the trial of collecting the fare directly from the debit and credit card of the user. This will save the time of the passengers as they will not be required to recharge the smart card frequently and also promote contactless fare collection system. The trial will start in December this year at the Airport Express line of Delhi Metro.

Once this is implemented frequent travellers of Delhi Metro will not require to recharge thier smart recharge card at the ticket counter.The debit and credit card will act as smart card and the money will automatically get deducted as the passengers touches their card at the Automatic Fare Collection(AFC) gate for exiting the metro station.

All the cards that are Rupay, Visa and Mastercard compliant will act as an smart card and it can be of any bank. DMRC has started to upgrade around 600 AFC gates for this purpose.

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