Delhi Metro tackles air pollution with 14 anti-smog guns

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has pressed 14 Anti Smog Guns (ASGs) into service to combat air pollution at the sites where it is constructing infrastructure for the metro rails.

The anti-smog guns throw fine mist from time-to-time to check the possibility of dust pollution emanating from the construction work.

Currently, as part of its Phase 4 expansion as well as some other construction projects, 12 civil contracts are operational across the national capital.

These state-of-the-art ASGs are capable of spraying fine mist up to 70 to 100 metres. One ASG is considered adequate for covering an area up to 20,000 square metre.

The DMRC said it ensures that the water used for sprinkling is free from coliforms, viruses and bacteria.

“High quality nozzles with droplet sizes of 10 to 50 micrometers are used for greater impact. With the gradual expansion of construction work, more such ASGs shall be introduced at the sites in the days ahead,” it said.

The Delhi Government in November imposed a ban on construction and demolition activities in the city, following soaring levels of air pollution.

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