Delhi Metro to reach its highest point at Haiderpur Badli Mor

The Delhi Metro is all set to scale new heights in Phase 4 as its viaduct at Haiderpur Badli Mor will be the highest ever in its network. In this project, while the height of the rail level will be 28 metres, the pier supporting the viaduct will be 25 metres, the highest till date.

This will be much higher than Delhi Metro’s present highest position at Dhaula Kuan, where the Pink Metro Line passes at a height of 23.6 metres.

The height has been necessitated as at this location, the viaduct will cross the presently operational Yellow Line viaduct. The height of the new Metro line will be more than the height of an eight-storey building.

The Phase 4 platform at Haiderpur Badli Mor, which will come above the Phase 3 station, will also be the highest ever platform in Delhi Metro at a height of 23.5 metres.

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