Delhi’s power demand tipped to almost double in 20 years

Delhi’s population is expected to grow by more than 10 million over the next 20 years and its power needs are projected to double in the same period. The draft Master Plan for Delhi 2041 has laid down strategies that would allow more than 50% of this energy requirement to be met through renewable sources of energy.

Envisioning Delhi as a sustainable city, and aiming to enhance its global competitiveness, the draft MPD41 says that the capital needs to switch to clean energy. In 2016-17, Delhi per-capita power consumption was 1,561 units per annum against the national average of 1,122 and 78 % of the consumed power was purchased. The remaining comes from installed capacity within Delhi, with coal (59%) being the predominant generator, followed by gas (28%), hydro (10%) and solar power (3%).

The national policy, and Delhi’s state solar policy of 2016 too, target meeting around 20% of power consumption from renewable sources by 2022, MPD41 states, adding that the city has to meet roughly 50.5% of its power consumption from renewable sources by 2041 to fulfil the national level targets set by the Union ministry of new and renewable energy.

The draft MPD41 says that in light of global warming and climate change, Delhi needs to develop a renewable energy plan to enable the transition from conventional sources such as fossil fuels to clean energy.

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