Denmark Leads in Share of RE Production, India Yet To Break Into Top 15

Wind and solar produced 2,435 TWh of electricity in 2020, providing almost a tenth of the world’s electricity. While European countries like Denmark, Ireland, and Germany are leading among the world’s top 15 producers, India is not part of his group. Even though India’s renewable energy capacity is being added to each year, with the aim of reaching 175 GW by 2022, its generation of renewable energy clearly lags behind.

London-based climate and energy think tank Ember’s recently released Global Electricity Review shows that wind and solar have doubled since 2015, when they generated 5% (1083 TWh) of the world’s electricity.

Some countries are generating significantly more electricity from wind and solar. South American country Uruguay, famous for its beach-lined coast, ranked second in Ember’s list of Top 15 Wind and Solar Countries as it generated 44% of its electricity from wind and solar in 2020. Denmark held the first position with 61% of its electricity in 2020 coming from RE sources.

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