Diesel prices scale new high at Rs 81.19 per liter

Retail prices of diesel scaled a new high on Wednesday as Oil Marketing Companies raised the rates by 13 paise while petrol prices were left unchanged. Post the revision, the retail prices of diesel now stand at Rs 81.18 in the national capital, the highest so far.

Petrol prices, which were left unchanged for the 16th straight day, stand at Rs 80.43 per litre.

Diesel prices were last revised on Monday, when the oil firms increased the rate by 11 paise. The companies shifted to a daily price revision routine on June 7. Since then, diesel prices have gone up Rs 11.79 per litre.

The margin gap between petrol and diesel rates has increased in Delhi by 0.75 paise for the first time. However, Diesel still remains relatively cheaper in other states due to difference in local taxes.

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