Discom staff call off strike after talks with govt

Employees of power utilities have agreed to withdraw their protest with immediate effect after the government assured that all power utilities will remain in the public sector.

Energy minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy held discussions with leaders of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) on Tuesday after official talks failed to yield results. JAC president P Chandrasekhar announced calling off of the protest after the government responded positively to several of the JAC’s demands.

During discussions, the minister said the government has released Rs 17,904 crore to discoms in 2019-20 and Rs 20,384 in 2020-21. Allocations to the energy sector were highest in its history and shows the state’s commitment to protect it as a public sector utility, he said. “Don’t fall prey to rumours and speculation that the government is setting the stage ready to privatise discoms and energy sector,” he said.

The minister also clarified that 10,000 MW solar power plants were being planned to provide dedicated power supply to agriculture and would not result in shutting down existing Genco units and dismissed rumours that the government is planning to sell out Rayalaseema Thermal Power Project (RTPP), Muddanur.

Times of India
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