Domestic power bills for April also to be based on last April

With the lockdown being implemented in the State extended till May 7, the domestic consumers of electricity would have to pay energy consumption bills for April payable in May as directed by the Electricity Regulatory Commission — equivalent to the bills of April 2019.

According to the officials of the discoms, the electricity bills for the month of April 2020 are being auto generated based on the consumption charges of April 2019. They expected the average electricity bills for April 2020 to be almost equal to their bill amounts for April 2019, but the consumption in April 2020 would be higher compared to April 2019 as people were confined to their home due to lockdown and working from home.

They, however, stated that the bill amounts would be adjusted automatically from May 2020 bill, issued in June by taking the actual energy consumption data recorded in the meters. Admitting that the average electricity bills issued for March and payable in April appeared high in some cases, the officials said the excess amount collected against the actual consumption would be adjusted in the bills to be raised for May in June.

The officials of Southern distribution company suggested the consumers to register their mobile numbers on their website www.tssouthernpower.com for getting SMS alerts on the bills raised every month and also to pay bills through various online payment platforms available.

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