Electric cars likely to do less damage to environment. But that won’t be easy

It’s great to imagine a future of efficient, pleasant transportation that does less damage to our planet. But let’s get real: Revolutions don’t come easy.

I am tackling a couple of questions from readers about my interview with my colleague Neal Boudette about electric cars: When will the cars have longer battery life and more charging options? And will old electric car batteries be a hazard?

Let me first stress: Most environmental experts say that shifting to electric vehicles, particularly combined with generating more energy from renewable sources, can make a big difference in slowing the effects of global warming.

Where’s the Infrastructure?
Readers including Stacy Elwart from Venice, Florida, and Tom Rowe from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, had similar concerns: How can electric cars reach a tipping point if charging isn’t widely accessible and convenient, and when ranges still fall far short of what gasoline cars get per tank?

Brad Plumer, a reporter from The New York Times’ Climate team, explains what is happening to tackle the challenges of charging and battery life:

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