Electrifying run of Electric Vehicles in Gujarat, 500% rise in registrations

As Gujarat makes a strong pitch for the US-based Tesla to set up its manufacturing hub here, it is worth pointing to the state’s own track record with electric vehicles. Registrations of e-vehicles in the state have risen by 500% since 2017. The state had registered 176 vehicles in 2017; the figure jumped to 1,104 in 2020. The registrations of electric vehicles in 2020 in the state were the highest in the past four years.

Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, and Surat were not the only cities to play a role in the spurt in numbers. About 37% of the total electric vehicles registered were from Tier II cities and even rural Gujarat. RTO officials said that registrations were the highest in 2020 since 2017 not only in the state but also in Ahmedabad.

The officials said that the registrations in Ahmedabad city recorded the highest increase. In 2017, the city (GJ-01) registered only 41 vehicles; the figure was 388 in 2020. The officials said that the city has been registering 40% electric cars and 60% electric two-wheelers.

According to officials, electric vehicles which have power less than 250W and speed capability lower than 25 kmph are not categorized as motor vehicles and hence do not require registrations.

But the remaining need to be registered. The officials said that in the city electric vehicles are getting more and more popular.

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