‘Emissions climbing to pre-pandemic levels in G20 countries’

By Times Of India

With lockdowns and restrictions gradually being eased, greenhouse gas emissions are rebounding to pre-pandemic levels across G20 countries, with India, Argentina, China and Indonesia projected to exceed their 2019 emissions this year.

According to the Climate Transparency Report, which was released on Thursday, energy-related CO2 emissions plunged by 6% across the G20 countries last year. In 2021, however, they are projected to rebound by 4%. “Rebounding emissions across the G20, the group responsible for 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions, shows that deep and fast cuts in emissions are now urgently needed to achieve net zero announcements,” said Gahee Han from the South Korean organisation ‘Solutions for our climate’, who is one of the lead authors of the report.

The report notes some positive developments such as growth of solar and wind power, with new records in installed capacities achieved in 2020. The share of renewables in energy supply is projected to grow from 10% in 2020 to 12% in 2021.

In the power sector (energy used to make electricity and heat), renewables increased by 20% between 2015 and 2020, and are projected to rise to nearly 30% in the G20 this year.

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