Emissions from auto LPG vehicles much lower than BS-VI grade petrol: Study

Even as the country looks at electric vehicle to provide pollution free transportion options, a study has suggested that in the intervening auto LPG can be a better and cleaner fuel option than regularly used petrol and diesel.

Tailpipe emissions from Auto LPG have been found to be significantly lesser than even BS-VI compliant petrol vehicles, according to the results of the latest emission tests conducted by Indian Auto LPG Coalition.

The tests validate Auto LPG as one of the cleanest alternative fuels that could bring in major environmental benefits if adopted by a larger number of personal vehicles in India.

The tests compared petrol and Auto LPG emissions across the key BS-VI parameters – Carbon Monoxide (CO), total hydrocarbons (THC), non-methane hydrocarbons (NmHC) and Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox). Auto LPG was found to emit almost 52 per cent lesser carbon monoxides, 47 per cent less total hydrocarbons and 50 per cent less non-methane hydrocarbons as compared to Petrol and at an extraordinary 82 per cent lower emissions for CO, 70 per cent lower for THC, 62 per cent lower for NmHC and 81 per cent lower NOx than the BSVI limits.

Auto LPG emissions were found to be much below Petrol and at just a fraction of the BS-VI limits, making it a highly viable alternative fuel that if adopted widely has the potential to accelerate India’s clean environment goals.

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