Energy transition: Hydrogen use in India’s energy mix can grow 10 times by 2050

The potential scale of hydrogen use in India is huge and can increase in a ange between 3 times and 10 times by 2050, facilitating the transition to a carbon neutral economy, according to The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

“Hydrogen can provide a supplementary role to renewables and batteries, in a transition to a carbon neutral economy,” the institute has said in a policy brief titled “Make Hydrogen in India” adding that the early demand markets for hydrogen include fuel cells for trucking, balancing supply and demand in the power sector, and replacing fossil fuels in industry.

India’s heavy duty transport market is set to rapidly expand and with it associated carbon emissions present both a huge challenge and an opportunity.”Presently, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be recharged between 5 to 15 minutes as compared to the well over 90 minutes required for battery electric vehicles,” TERI said.

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