‘EVs distant dream, India needs cleaner fuels to combat pollution’

With a massive spike in air pollution in Delhi and its surrounding regions, experts believe that the country needs to incentivise public transport, disincentivise personal vehicular transport and have a basket of cleaner fuels in a bid to mitigate the pollution emanating from the automobile sector.

Road transport constitutes a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. In India, the transport sector is the third-most greenhouse gas emitting sector, with the major contribution coming from road transport.

Speaking to IANS, Suyash Gupta, Director General of Indian Auto LPG Coalition, stressed on the need to invest in a wide range of alternative options to power the transport sector. “Much like DTC buses in Delhi shifted to cleaner CNG twenty years back, private vehicles need to shift to cleaner alternatives.”

He said that the country must ensure that over the next decade, it manages to phase out a significant portion of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, including two-wheelers, in favour of cleaner and cheaper gaseous fuels such as Auto LPG.

Auto LPG, a mix of propane and butane, is a cleaner automotive transport fuel than traditional fuels. The environmentally-friendly and economically-viable fuel can help in better mobility while minimising the impact of transport on human health and the environment.

Unfortunately, despite significant price advantage over petrol and diesel and practical benefits, Auto LPG has achieved only marginal success in India, he said.

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