Explained: How FASTag-like technology will help you avoid queues at petrol pumps?

As the government has made the FASTag mandatory for all the vehicles in India, a similar RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) reader has been used at several petrol pumps to save your time.

powered by Rubicon Project Mumbai-based startup AGS Transact Technologies Ltd has developed India’s first mobile fuelling solution called Fastlane in June 2019. It is a mobile app that will find out how much petrol or diesel you want to buy.

The users can pre-set the amount of fuel they want before reaching the petrol pump. The attendant will then refill your tank and you drive out without waiting to pay the bill.

How to use Fastlane service?

To use Fastlane service, the users will have to download a Fastlane Fuel app and complete the one-time registration process after which they can collect the RFID sticker from the nearest HP petrol pump. The sticker needs to be pasted on the car windshield, and link it to their vehicle via the app.

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