Explained: What did it take for the Indian Railways to achieve 100% punctuality?

The Indian Railways has announced that it achieved 100 per cent punctuality of its passenger trains on July 1, a never-before feat. Its previous best on-time performance, according to the Railways, was 99.54 per cent on June 23, when just one train got delayed.

“Trains in the Fast Lane: Enhancing services to unprecedented levels, Indian Railways made history on 1st July, 2020 by achieving 100% punctuality rate,” Minister for Railways Piyush Goyal posted on Twitter on Thursday (July 2).

This is no mean achievement – it is indeed not an easy ask given all the constraints that the Railways usually face while running a train on its designated path and time slot.

It is important, however, to remember the context – very few trains are running now, and the punctuality of the Railways can hardly be compared with its own performance on this count in pre-Covid times, when it ran over 13,000 passenger trains and over 8,000 freight trains every day.

The 100 per cent punctuality on July 1 has been achieved when the network is running just 230 passenger trains – along with about 3,000 loaded freight trains and 2,200 empty ones.

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