Farmers fail to see coal crisis

The coal crisis in Punjab’s thermal electricity plants has deepened, while farmers continue to halt the supply trains, saying “no worries, folks, we have post-summer demand dip, the northern grid, and hydel projects”.

The state’s private units now run much below capacity. Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) chairman and managing director A Venu Parsad said: “The Rajpura plant is left with only two days of coal, while Talwandi Sabo can go another day. GVK has ceased. The state-run plants in Ropar and Lehra Mohabbat don’t have a restart signal yet.”

If going full steam, the 840-megawatt Ropar plant can produce 200 lakh units of electricity a day, while 920-MW Lehra Mohabbat can generate 220 LU, and these have only a few days of coal reserves.

On October 14 TSPL reported being left with just 1.4 days of coal after suspending its second unit on October 10. On the PSPCL’s advice, Talwandi Sabo is running a single unit on a much lower load.

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