Frequent revision of train halts putting passengers to hardship

Frequent revisions made by the State government in its advisory on rail travel following the COVID-19 pandemic are putting passengers commuting within the State in a quandary.

Trains such as Jan Shatabdi Express running within the State resumed services from June 1. But on the first day the Kannur–Thiruvananthapuram Jan Shatabdi started its journey from Kozhikode, thereby leaving passengers stranded at the Kannur railway station in pre-dawn rain. After a public uproar, the State government has now asked the Railways to start the train from the original destination.

“Now, the situation is more awkward as many who booked the tickets before June 1 had cancelled their tickets and rebooked their tickets from Kozhikode. Now, these passengers may have to book their tickets again to board from Kannur and also cancel the tickets booked from Kozhikode,” C.E. Chakkunny, chairman, Confederation of All-India Rail Users’ Association, said.

He said that the flip-flop attitude of the State government was giving a harrowing time to the rail passengers travelling within the State.

“Based on the demand of the government, the Railways cancelled important halts of the Jan Shatabdi Expresses.

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