From Nov 1, you will need OTP for home delivery of LPG cylinder: Report

From November 1, you will need to furnish a one-time password (OTP) from your mobile phone in order to take delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders, according to new guidelines incorporating ‘Delivery Authenticated Code’ (DAC).

According to a Hindustan Times report, oil companies are beginning to implement the new system in 100 smart cities, with a pilot project already underway in Jaipur. Upon booking a cylinder, customers will need to show a code to the delivery person in order to complete the delivery.

In case the customer’s mobile number is not updated, the delivery person will update it in real-time using an app and generate the code. The move is intended to to prevent theft and identify the right customers. However, it may result in difficulties for some in completing their deliveries in case their provided details are not furnished correctly.

In some regions, the system has already been put in place. Indian Oil Corporation shared the following on August 22, “Did you know that a unique DAC is generated every time you book your #Indane refill ? Share the DAC with the delivery personnel to complete the delivery process. Help us serve you better. #Indane #DAC #LPG”

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