From wind power to cow manure: oil traders seek new profit recipe

The world’s largest oil traders are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into climate-friendly projects – including wind farms, cow manure plants and blue hydrogen – as they seek to match the profits they make from trading oil.

The energy industry as a whole faces an existential threat from the shift to a lower carbon future and faces growing pressure from investors, governments, activists and financiers to find a sustainable business model.

For oil trading houses, the challenge is more acute, as their profit margins have already shrunk due to increased competition, regulatory scrutiny and growing industry transparency.

Trading firms such as Vitol and Trafigura have already put money into wind farms, hydrogen, solar, EV technology, biofuels and biomethane as potential replacements for oil, traditionally their big profit driver.

But like the big international oil companies they have yet to figure out what could become their new business model for an environmentally-friendly future.

“Nobody has figured out how to make money yet,” Jean-Francois Lambert of consultancy Lambert Commodities said. “Trading firms are now testing the waters.”

Traders make a living by exploiting niche high-margin opportunities to supply energy and commodities, doing business that other companies either fail to spot or find too risky. Those opportunities are scant in the renewables sector.

“Renewable projects are reaching a scale which makes them attractive investment propositions, but there is a lot of capital chasing a limited number of projects,” Vitol Chief Executive Russell Hardy said. “Finding the right project at the right price is not easy.”

Changes in the financial services industry are also giving the search for new business a sense of urgency.

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